Specially formulated filler for cracks

Specially formulated cement designed to fill and repair cracks in chimeneas and fire pits caused by firing. Highly resistant to heat. Supplied in powder form- just add water and it is ready to use. No need to wait to dry, the chimenea or fire pit can be used immediately after applying. Supplied in re-sealable 1kg bag.

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  • Chim-Filler- specially formulated cement to repair cracks in clay fire products
  • Suitable for use with any clay chimenea or fire pit
  • Highly resistant to heat
  • Supplied in powder form- just add water and it is ready to use
  • Apply with a small spatula or finger, making sure the filler is pushed into the cracks
  • No need to wait to dry- the chimenea or fire pit can be used immediately a
  • Supplied in re-sealable 1kg bag- can be used time and time again
  • Colour is off-white

Bar Code: 5031599038780
Product Size: 28cm length. 20cm width.
Material: Clay
Packaging Information: Plastic bag
Packing Size: 28cm length. 20cm width.
Country of origin: China

Directions for use:
Thoroughly clean all surfaces. The area for filling must be clean, dry, and free from dust, grease, loose material, or frost, or the chim filler will not bond properly. To achieve the perfect consistency please use 40 ml. of water per 100 gr. of the specially formulated cement. Close cracks in chimenea or fire bowl by applying positive pressure and removing any excess filler. Allow the chim-filler to set and harden. First time using the chimenea or fire bowl after the repair, make a very small fire for up to four hours. After that first small fire normal fires can be made again. Please continue to observe the user instructions and recommendations as supplied with the chimenea or fire bowl.

Uses and Limitations:
The Gardeco Chim-Filler is ideal repairing any cracks in chimeneas or firebowls. Used properly it will form an excellent seal for temperatures up to 1250 degrees C. Ideal for prolonging the life of a cracked chimenea or firebowl.Chim filler can also be used on fireplaces, stoves, cookers, or kilns. Not suitable for rendering or screeding.

No assembly required