Stove Paint Black Heat-resistant paint to touch up or re-paint metal chimeneas & stoves

Colour: black

Heat-resistant up to 300 degrees.

400ml capacity easy to apply aerosol spray.

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Material: Ask for detailed contents sheet
Packaging Information: Spray Can
Packing Size: 14cm length. 21cm width. 20cm height.
Country of origin: EU

High temperature paint is suitable for wood buning stoves, metal chimeneas, BBQs, fire ptis, and fire baskets, withstanding temperatures of up to 650 degrees Celsius.

For best results, this product should be used on bare metal, any surface should be clean, dry and free from dust and grease. Existing painted surfaces should be prepared to provide a good key for the new paint to adhere to. In order to check for compatibility between paints, you should always test the paint on a small inconspicuous area first and follow the heat up procedure aoutlined belwo. We cnanot guarantee compatibility with all paints, so this procedure must be followed.

Allow surfaces to cool. Turn off all sources of ignition. Shake hand vigorously for 2 minutes after mixing balls rattle. Ensure work are is well ventilated and you are not spraying near naked flames or incadecscnet materials. Spray towards object 300-375mm (12-15 inches) form surface. Press spray firmly and use steady even strokes. This product is a one-coat paint and if more than one coat is required, the second coat should eb applied while the first coat is still wet. Do nto apply more paint than is necessary. If the pait is applied too thickl;y this can result in blistering.

If a bloackge occurs, remove nozzle with a twisting motion and clean. Never stick shapr objects into the can. gently replace nozzle with a twisting motion pointing away form you. for cleaning purposes, invert can and spray for a few seconds until only clear solvent excapes. During the painting process, whilst drying and for the first three times, you can use the appliance open widows, doors, and if necessary use fasn for fresh air flow as the paint may give off fumes and smoke. Use kindling only on the first two fires burnig for 15 to 20 minutes with a second burn being started whiles the appliance is still warm. A full fire should eb burnt for 45 ot 60 minutes again starting whilest the stove is still warm, then allow to cool naturally.

This product cannot be used on vitrous enamel surfaces and is suitable only for metal substrates. We cannto confirm its suitability on any other surfaces or materials.

Contact the manufacturer should you have any additional questions relating to this product.

No assembly required