Cooking tripod for use on fire pits 50 to 100 cm diameter

The Cooking tripod is a must-have product for BBQ lovers as it is designed to suit many cooking accessories. The three legs fit any fire pit with a diameter of 50 to 100 cm and since it is made out of galvanised steel it is very robust and stable. The chain can hold various tripod cooking accessories and is adjustable in height. The tripod will rust if food and other residues are not cleaned after the use of the tripod. We recommend to clean the tripod straight after use and dry it thoroughly.

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Tripod,Rustic finish,Size:80cm (L) x 4cm (W) x 4cm (H),Brown bo

  • Made out of galvanised steel
  • The three legs are designed to fit fire pits between 50 and 100 cm diameter
  • The chain is able is adjustable in height
  • Many different cooking accessories are suited to go on the chain
  • Tripod will rust if food or other residues are not cleaned
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Product code: COOK-TRIPOD
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Size (specify): 81cm (L) x 13cm (W) x 13cm (H) Colour:
Assembly information: no assembly request
Packaging information:Brown box

Country of origin: India
Bar Code: 5031599045962
Size: 79 cm L x 5 cm W x 5 cm H
Material: Steel
Packaging Information: Brown box
Packing Size: 81cm length. 26cm width. 12cm height.
Country of origin: India