Sealant for Pizarro pizza ovens

A simple and easy way to seal clay pizza ovens in our Pizzaro range. For use on the base and between the dome and base. Add small amounts of water at a time until the consistency is similar to that of peanut butter. Apply with a tool or with your fingers directly. The pizza seal is an inert, non-toxic silica based sealant. Do not ingest or breathe in.

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Always follow the user instructions. Just add water. Do not ingest.

  • Specially formulated sealant suitable for PIZZARO and other clay pizza ovens
  • For use on the base and between the base and the dome
  • Simply add 40 ml of water per 100gr. of sealant
  • Mix until peanut butter consistancy
  • As soon as applied the fire can be lit, no need to wait.
  • Do not ingest or breathe in!
More product details:
Product code: PIZZA-SEAL
Bar code :5031599045702
Size (specify): 20cm(W) x 28cm (L) Colour:
Accessories supplied with the product: none
Assembly information: no assembly request
Packaging information: bag

Country of origin: China

Bar code:
Bar Code: 5031599045702
Size: 28cm(L)20cm ( W )
Packing Size: 28cm length. 20cm width.
Country of origin: China

Pour the required amount of sealant into a container. Add small amounts of water while stirring until the paste has the consistency of peanut butter. To achieve the perfect consistency please use 40 ml. of water per 100 gr. of the specially formulated cement. Apply to surfaces to seal. Remove excess with a cloth. You can use the oven as soon as sealed- no need to wait to dry. Moving the oven will require re-sealing.

Silica based inert fire sealant. Do not inhale. Keep dry. Keep bag sealed.