Pizza Spatula

This easy to use 30cm diamter pizza spatula is ideal for handling pizzas in and out of ovens or pizza baking environments.

Coated in non-stick heat-resistant material so the pizza does not stick to the peel, and slides on and off easilly. Wooden handle with hanger.

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  • The Pizza spatula is made out non-stick coated steal
  • The front of the Spatula is round and flat
  • The thin edge makes it comfortable to slide underneath the Pizza
  • The Handle is made out of wood - it breaks the heat from the metal front
  • The surface is easy to clean due to the non-stick material
  • Colour: black

Bar Code: 5031599034461
Product Size: 71.5cm length. 30cm width. 6cm height.
Material: non-stick coated steel with wood handle
Packaging Information: label and hanger
Packing Size: 74cm length. 32cm width. 6cm height.
Country of origin: India

Wash before use and after use is soapy water. Keep dry. Will rust if left outside.

No assembly required