Food Smoker to fit fire pits, BBQs and on top of chimeneas

The Gardeco BBQ smoker pan is a steel Teflon coated BBQ with lid for use as a cooker and smoker on top of chimeneas. Comes with a chromed steel BBQ grill and fits most of the clay, steel and cast iron chimeneas in the Gardeco range. Simply place on top of the funnel. The heat from the fire rises through the funnel and through the smoking chip pan in the base, cooking the food in the grill. An air vent on the top lid regulates the amount of air, and therefore smoke. Enhance your chimenea experience with new activities. Works beautifully. Easy to use.

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Wash before use. Wash after use. Will deteriorate if left outside.

  • Removable smoker & BBQ made out of steel
  • Teflon coated for a longer life
  • For use on the top funnel of chimeneas, BBQs, fire pits and other outdoor cooking products
  • Fits most Gardeco chimeneas as well as many others
  • Complete with a base and lid
  • Supplied with a smoking chip pan and chromed steel BBQ grill
  • Make the most of your chimenea
  • Colour: Black

Bar Code: 5031599045719
Product Size: 33.5cm length. 26.5cm width. 26.5cm height.
Material: Steel
Packaging Information: Brown box with Colour label
Packing Size: 36cm length. 28cm width. 20cm height.
Country of origin: China

Please separate the bolts by size before starting the assembly.
1. Lay out and identify all the components
2. Assemble the Air Vent (C) onto Top Lid (B) with one M5 x 10 Bolt (H) and Nut (I) .
3. Assemble the Lid Handle (A) to Top Lid (B) by screwing the two M6 x 10 Bolts (G) from inside of the Top Lid (B) into the screw threaded hole on Lid Handle (A).
4. Put the Wood Chips Grill (E) inside the Bottom Pan (F), then put the BBQ Grill (D) on Bottom Pan (F).
5. The assembly is now complete.
Svp veuillez séparer les boulons par taille avant de commencer le montage.
1. Présentez et identifiez tous les composants
2. Assemblez laération (C) sur le couvercle (B) avec un boulon M5x10 (H) et écrou (I)
3. Assemblez la poignée (A) au couvercle (B) en vissant les deux boulons M6x10 (G) à l’intérieur du couvercle (B) dans les trous filetés de la poignée (A).
4. Insérez la grille à copeaux de bois (E) à l’intérieur du plat (F), ensuite insérez la grille BBQ (D) sur le plat (F)
5. L’assemblage est fini.