Pizza Stone 30cm diameter

The Gardeco 30cm diameter pizza stone is ideal for cooking your pizzas, either inside in a conventional oven or outside in the garden.

Made of hard-wearing heat-resistant fire clay, the pizza stone allows a more evenly distributed heat during cooking, and because it is slightly porous, cooking juices are absorbed, giving a superb crispy result.

Simply place the pizza on the stone (you can use a pizza peel if your stone is already in the oven or chimenea) and take out when cooked. You may wish to put some cornflour or flour on the stone to avoid sticking.

Other baked food can also be cooked on the pizza stone. The pizza stone can also be used to warm up rolls, croissants, etc...

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For best results and also in order to avoid thermal shock, it is advised to heat the pizza stone slowly, as soon as you light the oven/ fire. That way, the clay has time to expand slowly and cooking will be improved as it will be more rapid, better capturing flavours.

Fire clay being slightly porous, it is advisable to wash the pizza stone with water only and not with detergent.

Careful, the pizza stone will break if dropped, chip or crack if knocked. After use, it may develop stains due to its porosity, but you can still continue to use it. If the pizza stone is in direct contact with the flames of a real fire, it may stay brown underneath, even after washing. Careful, the pizza stone may become very hot, and stay hot for longer than conventional baking trays. Be careful not to touch it when it, you could burn your fingers.

  • The Pizza stone is made out of fire clay
  • The fire clay is slightly porous
  • Fire clay gets very hot therefore increases the speed of the cooking time
  • The Pizza stone is flat and round
  • Prevents the Pizza from being in direct contact with the oven
  • Clean the Pizza stone only with water - detergents easily stay in the porous fire clay
  • Colour: Pale clay

Bar Code: 5031599034454
Product Size: 30cm length. 30cm width. 2cm height.
Material: high temperature fire clay
Packaging Information: Mail order colour box
Packing Size: 38.7cm length. 38.7cm width. 6.7cm height.
Country of origin: China

Cleanliness is Essential


? BBQ grills and other accessories are coated with vegetable cooking oil during manufacture but may have gathered dirt and dust therefore need to be cleaned in hot water and detergent to remove any foreign matter and debris.
? After cleaning and drying, cooking accessories are best lightly coated with vegetable cooking oil before use. After use, they need to be cleaned again with hot water and detergent and coated with vegetable cooking oil before storing. NEVER USE MINERAL OIL.
? If you do not oil cooking accessories they will rust, this could happen after first use. If you wash cooking accessories with water and don?t coat with cooking oil rust can occur in a matter of hours.
? After use the surfaces of the cooking accessories in direct contact with the fire will be covered in black carbon soot. Soot can be washed off with hot water and household detergent or washing up liquid. Be careful because black soot residues will mark surfaces, tea towels or washing up cloths. All soot must be removed before oiling and storage.


Do not cook on flames, if you do this there will be a soot residue on the food, which is unhealthy. Be aware wood is often treated with preservatives which are toxic and can contaminate the food.
? When cooking use dry wood or charcoal, and allow the wood gas to burn off as flames to leave hot glowing embers, cook on the embers.
? If meat releases fat onto the hot embers which makes a flame, move the meat away from the flame.
? Keep a spray bottle of water handy to squirt on any flames.
? Used a cast iron pan to grill meat rather than placing directly on a grill.
? Alternatively wrap food in aluminium foil to prevent contamination.

Food Hygiene and Safety

When cooking outdoors take care food is kept in hygienic conditions.

? DO NOT leave meats in the sun or outside in hot weather, keep cool and covered with a clean cloth.
? DO NOT leave butter in the sun or uncovered.
? Keep meat and vegetables in separate dishes to avoid cross contamination with fluids.
? Only bring food out into the garden before cooking and it should be consumed after cooking as soon as possible. Food should be eaten while hot, immediately after coming out of the fire. Dispose of any cooked food not eaten.
? MAKE SURE meat is thoroughly cooked.
? When cooking accessories are taken out of the fire, they are hot and need to be put onto a hard non-flammable surface, so the contents of the cooking accessory can be removed.
? DO NOT place the cooking accessory on the patio, grass, earth or directly on the ground. Best use a Gardeco chim table or Gardeco cradle for clay chimeneas.
? DO NOT put hot cooking accessories directly onto wood, furniture, plates, crockery or plastic surface.
? Parts of the cooking accessories in direct contact with the fire may become covered with carbon soot. Make sure you do not contaminate your food with soot.
? CAREFUL HOT! DO NOT TOUCH, steel and cast iron cooking accessories are very hot when taken out of the fire, do not touch with your fingers, protect hands with Gardeco FIRE GLOVES.
? Cast iron cooking accessories can remain hot after use, so ALWAYS be very careful and cautious when handling cast iron cooking accessories.
? DO NOT allow children to handle any of the cooking accessories.
? NEVER leave a cooking accessory in the fire unattended. If you leave food in the fire, it will be burnt and inedible.

Hints and Tips

? Cast iron accessories should be pre-heated for best results.
? Always coat the inside with oil or butter of all accessories to prevent food sticking.
? Butter tastes better than oil for waffles and pancakes.
? A small brush is useful for oiling or buttering surfaces.
? A flat spatula is useful to release foods from the accessory.

No assembly required