BBQ bundle pack containing 1 x EL clay chim 1 x BBQ grill 1 bag of lava stones

The Barbecue Oven BBO enriches your outdoor experience as it provides a multiple use for your product. Your chimenea is a garden heater and now becomes the highlight of your garden and enables cooking on a different level.The chimenea can be used for barbecuing or as an oven for baking and pizzas. Due to the size and the complementing shape of the chimenea you are able to cook multiple foods at the same time. The bespoke BBQ grill is easy to place into your chimenea as the steel legs grip onto the inside and can be taken out at any time. Fully compliant with EN1860-1 and French food norms there is a balcony preventing food from escaping and falling into the fire.The side tables have clay tile inlays in multiple colours to match the colour and design of your chimenea. The clay absorbs the heat of the fire giving a radiant heat for a new cooking experience in the garden.

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Mexican chimeneas are the best functioning burners of all patio fires. Their structure and design perfected over centuries in Central America make them the easiest chimeneas to light and the most efficient burners. No need for roaring fires the clay becomes hot and radiates the heat. It is important you observe the instructions and maintenance recommendations. Not all fuels and lighting fuels can be used in Mexican chimeneas and they will need protection from the weather. Mexican chimeneas are hand-made and hand-painted so shapes and colours may vary slightly. The paint finish on this chimenea will discolour when fired or if left outside all the time. Colour changes do not affect use. Mexican chimeneas can be repainted.

  • The Olas chimenea is made in Mexico and has a typical Mexican design moulded on the body funnel
  • It comes in an extra-large size with an excellent waves design and burning function
  • The chimenea comes with a matching lid
  • Burns wood and leaves hardly any ashes
  • The lava stones help to prevent the chimenea from cracking through thermal shock
  • The chromed steel BBQ grill comes with a wooden handle. It has a balcony so food does not fall off
  • The legs of the grill grip onto the inside of the chimenea
  • Painted in a rustic finish. Colour is grey-blue
Pumice- 2513100
Grill1- 7321900
Code: BBO-C8O.07
Bar Code: 5031599048536
Size: (missing)
Material: Clay chimenea, pumice stones, steel grill
Packaging Information: (missing)
Country of origin: India

This product is produced using mexican clay and,if left outside, will become damaged through the clay becoming moist and cracking. We suggest using a CHICOVER3 in harsh weather to avoid the clay from getting wet. We suggest using our PUMICE-4L, sand or gravel at the bottom of your Chiminea in order to protect from heat damage. This products most appropriate fuel type is wood.