SEMPRA large chimenea made of Chimalin AFC, inc lid & stand, natural clay

This traditional shaped chimenea is ideal for average sized patios, and comes with a metal stand and matching clay lid. The finish on this chimenea is natural clay with no painting or glazing. The colour of the CHIMALIN AFC clay is naturally very pale. CHIMALIN AFC is a new and unique fire clay developed by Gardeco, offering exceptional resistance to fire cracking. This chimenea is guaranteed 5 years against cracking due to thermal shock.

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The Gardeco breakthrough with fireproof clay products came in 2015 after 8 years of development. For 2016, we are launching CHIMALIN AFC, a unique range of clay fire products that carries a 5-year guarantee, only available from Gardeco. So yes, for the first time ever, you can fire a clay chimenea in the same way as you would a cast iron one, and build a large fire with peace of mind.

  • Traditional shaped chimenea- ideal for average sized patios
  • Complete with metal stand and matching clay lid
  • Made of CHIMALIN AFC, advance fire clay
  • Exceptional to resistance to fire cracking
  • Guaranteed 5 years against cracking due to thermal shock
  • Suitable for big fires
  • Burns any fuel: wood, charcoal or coal
  • No assembly or curing required
  • The finish on this chimenea is natural clay with no painting or glazing.
  • The colour of the CHIMALIN AFC clay is naturally very pale.
More product details:
Product code: AFC-C21.00
Bar code 5031599044569
Size (specify): 105cm high x 43.6cm diameter Colour: Natural clay
Accessories supplied with the product: Chimalin AFC lid
Materials: Chimenea and Lid made of Chimalin AFC
Assembly information: no assembly request
Packaging information: Bulk

Country of origin: China
Code: AFC-C21.00
Bar Code: 5031599044569
Size: 105cm high x 43.6cm diameter
Material: Chimenea and Lid made of Chimalin AFC; stand made of steel
Packaging Information: Bulk
Country of origin: China

Please read the following instructions and recommendations. Exercise CAUTION at all times for the safe en-
joyment of a chimenea. Please retain these instructions. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE USER INSTRUCTIONS Fail-
ure to do so may result in personal injury or damage to property.
¡¤ PLACE your chimenea on a FLAT surface, NOT on a sloping surface where it might tip over.
¡¤ This should be a NON-FLAMMABLE surface such as stone, gravel or bricks. Do not place on grass which
may turn brown. DO NOT PLACE ON DECKING which may be damaged. You may protect decking with a
Gardeco FLOOR PROTECTOR or use bricks or concrete slabs.
¡¤ DO NOT place your chimenea near bushes or plants or under trees, the heat will damage the leaves and is
a fire risk. DO NOT place your chimenea under an awning£#894; it will burn or melt.
¡¤ DO NOT place your chimenea near garden furniture, especially made of fabric or woven plastic, which may
melt or catch fire. We recommend at least one metre/three feet minimum distance.
¡¤ DO NOT make a real fire inside a conservatory, summer house or garden shed. Chimeneas burning wood,
coal or charcoal can only be used outside because fumes and gases from the fire are poisonous and
dangerous to health. Carbon monoxide gas has no colour nor odour and is deadly.
¡¤ DO NOT touch the chimenea when burning, the surface is hot and you will burn your fingers. Protect your
hands with a Gardeco FIRE GLOVE. We recommend that gloves are used at all times.
¡¤ DO NOT allow pets near the fire.
¡¤ DO NOT allow children especially small children to be near, playing or running around the fire.
¡¤ DO NOT over fuel the chimenea. If flames are coming out of the top of the chimenea, then the fire is too
¡¤ DO NOT PANIC if fuel falls out of the chimenea or for any reason flames spread out from the fire,
simply extinguish spreading flames with earth, sand or water or use a Gardeco FIRE BLANKET to smother
the flames. DO NOT throw water on a real fire other than in an extreme emergency.
¡¤ DO NOT use petrol or paraffin to start the fire. The best method is balled newspaper and dry kindling,
such as Gardeco OCOTE sticks. The best fuel is dry wood.
¡¤ NEVER LEAVE A BURNING CHIMENEA UNATTENDED Failure to do so may result in the fire spreading
out of control and damage or destruction of property. Please ensure the fire is completely out before
leaving the chimenea unattended.
¡¤ DO NOT attempt to move any real patio fire while the fire is burning.
¡¤ We advise against using a real patio fire when it is windy. Strong wind may TIP OVER a chimenea which is a
fire risk. Wind may disperse burning material, which is a fire risk, particularly if the surroundings are
very dry.
¡¤ CHECK local ordinances/by laws to conform with fire risk prevention.
¡¤ PLEASE be a good neighbour and be reasonable using your chimenea, keep smoke and noise to a minimum.
¡¤ Gardeco Chimalin AFC chimeneas all carry a five year warranty against thermal cracking because they are
made from a special material which remains strong, durable and resists cracking even at high temperatures
with normal use and fuels.
¡¤ This warranty is limited to cracking due to thermal shock and excludes all other types of damage. The war
ranty excludes damage caused by being dropped, falling over, being blown over by wind, general misuse or
any other type of damage to the structure or surface of the chimenea.
¡¤ The warranty excludes damage to decking, furniture and other property. The warranty excludes
crazing/crackling of the glaze finish which may occur with heavy use at high temperatures.
To validate the warranty please complete the warranty form at the back of these user instructions and
email to
¡¤ Chimeneas are like outdoor radiators are heated by the fire and gentle warmth will radiate out. It is not
necessary to make a large fire, two or three logs are sufficient.
¡¤ ALWAYS REMOVE the lid off the funnel when firing the chimenea, failure to do so will increase the
tem perature inside the chimenea and may cause the chimenea to crack or blow the lid off.
¡¤ Chimalin AFC chimeneas are fragile, so care needs to be taken to avoid damage, it may CRACK, CHIP OR
BREAK if dropped or knocked over.
¡¤ To avoid dropping or knocking the chimenea over, handle the chimenea with care at all times. Do not ¡°let go¡±
of the chimenea, particularly on hard floors, but lower it gently so there as little impact as possible. Drop
ping a clay chimenea, even from 5 cm/2 inches height may break, crack or chip it.
¡¤ If transporting in a car, make sure it is not allowed to move around, we recommend attaching securely or
¡¤ High winds may tip the chimenea over, so be mindful of where it is situated and how to avoid this. Similarly,
do not bang into the chimenea with hard or heavy objects.
¡¤ Do not throw fuel into a clay chimenea, impact may crack the clay or tip the chimenea over.
¡¤ Do not drag or move a chimenea on the stand, it may fall off and break. To move a chimenea, lift it off the
stand, re-position the stand, and lift the chimenea back on. Gardeco supply wheeled stands for larger
chimeneas, so they can be moved around without having to take them off stands.
¡¤ Special care should be taken with chimeneas with a removable funnel, remove the funnel to a safe place be
fore attempting to relocate the bottom bowl.
¡¤ Do not over-fuel the chimenea, if flames are coming out of the funnel, do not add more fuel.
¡¤ Use dry wood logs or charcoal fuel. Wet logs will create a lot of smoke, use dry seasoned or kiln dried wood to
minimise smoke. You may burn smokeless fuel in a Chimalin AFC chimenea.
¡¤ You can cook on chimeneas. The belly acts like an oven, so barbecuing is quick and easy, so is using any of the
Gardeco long-handled tools. Gardeco offer cast iron pots specifically designed to fit into the top of the
funnel cooking stews and soups quickly.
¡¤ Protect hands with Gardeco FIRE GLOVES when adding fuel. The more fuel is added, the more intense the
heat, the larger the flames. Do not over-fuel the fire. Use a Gardeco POKER to reposition logs.
¡¤ If the fire is slow to start, more air will help, use a Gardeco BELLOW to blow extra air into a slow fire.
¡¤ To remove the labels on your chimenea, simply soak with water, leave to stand for 10 minutes and then remove
by scraping gently. Alternatively, the label is likely to burn off with the first firing.
¡¤ The chimenea has excellent combustion so will leave very little ash residue, what ash remains can be re
moved by carefully upending the chimenea so the ash falls out of the funnel.
¡¤ With use the glaze on your Chimalin AFC chimenea will change and discolour, and there will be blackening
around the mouth or rim. The bigger the fires, the faster the finish will change.
¡¤ The stand is made of steel and will rust. To reduce the likelihood of rusting bring the chimenea and stand
inside or protect with a Gardeco weatherproof cover. Ideally, bring inside for the winter. Stands can be
¡¤ Rust runs may mark flooring, slabs, and patios, so if you are worried about marking, protect your flooring.
¡¤ A discoloured chimenea on a rusty stand is still fit for purpose and can continue to be used.
¡¤ Frost damage may occur when clay chimeneas are left outside in the winter without protection or a cover.
Clay is a porous material and absorbs water. If the chimenea is water sodden and the temperature drops to
below zero degrees Celsius, the water inside the clay will freeze, expand and crack the clay.
¡¤ Protect your chimenea with a weather proof cover, this keeps the chimenea dry and protected from wind
driven dirt and insects, plus a cover will reduce frost damage, but best is to bring it inside out of the frost,
for the winter. Gardeco supply many covers suitable for all chimenea sizes.
Special care and attention is necessary when cooking on a chimenea or fire bowl to avoid contamination by
smoke or soot. All cooking accessories MUST BE THOROUGHLY CLEANED BEFORE USE.
¡¤ BBQ grills and accessories are coated with vegetable oil during manufacture but may have gathered dirt
and dust therefore must be thoroughly washed in hot water and detergent, check all dirt is removed.
¡¤ After cleaning and drying, cooking accessories are best lightly coated with vegetable cooking oil before
use. After use, they must washed clean with hot water and detergent and coated with vegetable cooking
oil before storing. NEVER USE MINERAL OIL.
¡¤ If you do not oil cooking accessories they will rust, this could happen after first use. If you wash cooking
accessories with water and don£#8219;t coat with cooking oil rust can occur in a matter of hours.
¡¤ After use the surfaces of the cooking accessories in direct contact with the fire will be covered in black
carbon soot. Soot can be washed off with hot water and household detergent or washing up liquid. Be care
ful because black soot residues will mark surfaces, tea towels or washing up cloths. All soot must be re
moved before oiling with vegetable oil and storing.
Do not cook on flames, if you do this there will be a soot residue on the food, which is unhealthy. Be aware
wood is often treated with preservatives which are toxic and can contaminate the food.
¡¤ When cooking use dry wood or charcoal, and allow the wood gas to burn off as flames to leave hot glowing
embers, cook on the embers.
¡¤ If meat releases fat onto the hot embers which makes a flame, move the meat away from the flame.
¡¤ Keep a spray bottle of water handy to squirt on any flames.
¡¤ Used a cast iron pan to grill meat rather than placing directly on a grill.
¡¤ Alternatively wrap food in aluminium foil to prevent contamination.
When cooking outdoors take care food is kept in hygienic conditions.
¡¤ DO NOT leave meats in the sun or outside in hot weather, keep cool and covered with a clean cloth.
¡¤ DO NOT leave butter in the sun or uncovered.
¡¤ Keep meat and vegetables in separate dishes to avoid cross contamination with fluids.
¡¤ Only bring food out into the garden/yard before cooking and it should be consumed after cooking as soon
as possible. Food should be eaten while hot, immediately after coming out of the fire. Dispose of any
cooked food not eaten.
¡¤ MAKE SURE meat is thoroughly cooked.
¡¤ When cooking accessories are taken out of the fire, they are hot and need to be put onto a hard non-flam
mable surface, so the contents of the cooking accessory can be removed.
¡¤ DO NOT place the cooking accessory on the patio, grass, earth or directly on the ground.
¡¤ DO NOT put hot cooking accessories directly onto wood, furniture, plates, crockery or plastic surface.
¡¤ Parts of the cooking accessories in direct contact with the fire may become covered with carbon soot.
Make sure you do not contaminate your food with soot.
¡¤ CAREFUL HOT! DO NOT TOUCH, steel and cast iron cooking accessories are very hot when taken out of
the fire, do not touch with your fingers, protect hands with Gardeco FIRE GLOVES.
¡¤ Cast iron cooking accessories can remain hot after use, so ALWAYS be very careful and cautious when han
dling cast iron cooking accessories.
¡¤ DO NOT allow children to handle any of the cooking accessories.
¡¤ NEVER leave a cooking accessory in the fire unattended. If you leave food in the fire, it will be burnt and
¡¤ Cast iron accessories should be pre-heated for best results.
¡¤ Always coat the inside with oil or butter of all accessories to prevent food sticking.
¡¤ Butter tastes better than oil for waffles and pancakes.
¡¤ A small brush is useful for oiling or buttering surfaces.
¡¤ A flat spatula is useful to release foods from the accessory.
Gardeco cooking accessories are specially designed for use in chimeneas, fire bowls, barbecues or outdoor fires.
The materials used are suitable for the greater intensity of outdoor fires, with long handles to ensure ease of
use without burning your hands. It is NOT ADVISABLE TO USE KITCHEN PANS OR POTS to cook on patio
fires. Kitchen pans may be designed for fires of less intensity and coated with plastic based non-stick materials
which may melt in patio fires. Gardeco cooking accessories are designed for cooking food on an open fire.
¡¤ The Gardeco COOKING IRON is perfect for burgers, sausages, vegetables£#894; it is multi-purpose.
¡¤ The Gardeco TOASTIE IRON makes tasty sandwich toasties.
¡¤ The Gardeco FRYING PAN is great for steaks, bacon, frying tomatoes and fried eggs.
¡¤ The Gardeco POP CORN POPPER is great for entertaining children, who love watching popping corn.
¡¤ The Gardeco PANCAKE PAN for making pancakes.
¡¤ The Gardeco WAFFLE IRON for making waffles.
¡¤ The Gardeco CHESTNUT PAN for roasting tasty chestnuts and can be used for cooking food wrapped in
aluminium foil.
¡¤ The Gardeco TOASTING FORK makes delicious toast and marshmallows, or to warm rolls or croissants.
¡¤ The Gardeco PIZZA STONE is great for making pizzas the Italian way.
¡¤ Use the Gardeco removable CHIM BBQ GRILL on clay chimeneas, for cooking food on BQQ grill
¡¤ Your cast iron or steel chimenea may already be equipped with a SWIVELLING BBQ GRILL, made of
either chromed steel or cast iron for barbecuing on your chimenea. These can also now be purchased
separately from the chimenea.
¡¤ The Gardeco SWIVELLING HOT PLATES AND FRYING PANS can be fitted in place of the BBQ grill on
most steel
All cooking accessories, whether supplied with the product or separately must be washed before first use to
remove any dirt due to manufacture or packaging operations. We recommend you wash them before use every
time subsequently, even if they were put away clean.
All cast iron cooking accessories including BBQ grills and hot plates are coated with vegetable oil to stop rusting
when you first receive them. After use, all cooking accessories need to be cleaned in soapy water to remove
soot and food residue. Dry them well after cleaning and immediately coat them with vegetable oil before
putting away. Failure to coat with vegetable oil will mean the accessory will start rusting. NEVER use mineral oil
which is harmful to human health. For cooking accessories purchased separately from this product, follow the
cooking instructions supplied with the packaging.
If your chimenea is equipped with a swivelling cast iron BBQ grill, remember to remove and wash it thoroughly
and coat it with vegetable oil before and after use. Put food directly onto the BBQ grill, either pre-heated or
not. For pizzas, use the pizza stone. Use the multi-purpose tool provided to swivel the BBQ grill in and out. Nev-
er touch the BBQ grill with your hands while hot. A cast iron BBQ grill will remain hot a long time after use,
even if taken out of the chimenea.

No assembly required