Alice macramé small hanging cradle, 100% hand-knotted natural beige cotton

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Code: MAC4
Bar Code: 5031599052137
Product Size: 30cm length. 54cm width. 88cm height.
Material: 100% cotton macramé hand-woven, steel frame
Packaging Information: Steel structures are dipped in acrylic waterproof paint and heated to offer a long-lasting coating. Products including any accessories if applicable are placed in a fabric bag. Packaged in branded brown cardboard box Only Natural materials or recyclable cardboard are used in the packaging of this product
Packing Size: 92cm length. 58cm width. 30cm height.
Country of origin: India

Macramé cotton in naturally beige and no colour treatment has been applied. Macramé cotton will stain with food or other substances known to mark fabrics. To clean simply rinse with cold water. Spot cleaning with mild detergent and fabric wipes is also an option. Do not wash with hot water as heat fixes colour to cotton instead of removing it.

Do not use bleach. Use only cold water.

If Macramé chairs are allowed to become wet, it is best they are brought inside and dried at air temperature. They can also be hung on washing lines. Left out in all weathers, they are likely to develop fungus or start to rot. Black staining should be washed with household soap and rinsed with cold water until clean again. Marseille type soap is best.

Some macramé chairs have steel frames under the fabric. The steel structures are dipped in heat applied acrylic waterproof paint to prevent rusting prior to the knotting of the cotton. If a chair is left out in all weathers for a long time, rusting of the steel frames is possible. The rust may mark the cotton indelibly.

If any cotton knotting was to become loose, we recommend they are knotted closed by hand.

We recommend the macramé chairs are kept inside when not in use.

No assembly required