Estancia lounge armchair with wooden frame - matching fabric to Cocoa the Brown Cow

Traditional lounge armchair made with a leatherette exterior.
Comes with single-piece wooden frame for legs, with velvet pads for floor protection.
This model is named Estancia and comes in a soft brown colour, matching Cocoa the Brown Cow footstool.

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  • Main chair body made from leatherette
  • Comes with single-piece wooden frame
  • Frame comes with velvet anti-scratch pads
  • Soft texture for maximum comfort and child-safety
  • FIRA-approved
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be matched with Cocoa the Brown Cow footstool to form a set
  • Colour: Brown
More product details :
Product code: FS-AC2-BR
Size: 68cm L x 92cm W x 95cm H
Accessories supplied with the product:none
Materials:fabric ukfr and ukfr foam inside,rbber wood leg
Packaging information:Brown boxn
Country of Origin: China

Code: FS-AC2-BR
Bar Code: 5031599050447
Product Size: 68cm length. 92cm width. 95cm height.
Material: Leatherette with wooden frame
Packaging Information: Brown box
Packing Size: 81cm length. 65cm width. 84cm height.
Country of origin: China

This product is designed for indoor use and will be damaged if left outdoors or exposed to the weather.
Clean using warm soapy water and a soft cloth; wipe gently; dry after cleaning.

If being used outdoors, use on a dry day on stable clean patio ground.

Two-step assembly:
Screw the single-piece wooden frame into the provided holes in the base of the product.
Apply the velvet pads to the bottom of the legs, sticky-side towards the wood.