MGO Cubo square garden fire pit

The CUBO is a square shaped MGO-Garden firepit that includes a charcoal grill and firetools. The product is specifically desgined for use outside in open gardens and large patio areas. The CUBO features a stunning steel firebowl and mangesium oxide stand that combine to make it one of the most iconic Gardeco products.

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Products size 60cm W x D, Height 34.5cm, Fire bowl T 0.6MM coated by black 6008451 heat resisting paint, Mesh cover coated by black 4008451 heat resisting paint Inculd the firetools. Inculding the charcoal grill, Cooking grill\nthe bowl is magnesia.

  • MGO Garden square fire pit
  • Fire bowl T 0.6MMcoated by black 6008451 heat resisting paint
  • Mesh covercoated by black 4008451 heat resisting paint
  • Includes the charcoal grill & Cooking grill
  • Body is magnesium oxide, stone effect.
  • Most appropriate fuel is wood
More product details \nProduct code CUBO\nSize specify 60cm L x 60cm W x 34.5cm H\nAccessories supplied with the product firetools charcoal grill Cooking grill\nMaterial Magnesia stand and steel fire bowl and Mesh Guard\nPackaging information Colour box\nCountry of origin China
Code: CUBO
Bar Code: 5031599048000
Product Size: 60cm length. 60cm width. 34.5cm height.
Material: Magnesia stand and steel fire bowl
Packaging Information: Colour box
Packing Size: 64cm length. 64cm width. 35cm height.
Country of origin: China

This product is made from stainless steel and so will rust if left outside In the rain. We recommend using COVER-FB60

Eassy to assembly. Simply place the BBQ grill on top of the Cubo and start cooking your delicious real fire meals!