XL Dakota Steel firepit

A large steel fire pit, easily assembled and easy to use with any solid fuel such as wood, charcoal or coal. Ideal for live fires in your garden. Has handles which allow for easy handling.

It is heavy, two people must carry it when being moved around.

Warning: the steel will heat up rapidly do not touch the bowl itself when the fire is burning or shortly after, let it cool before moving it or emptying any ash out.

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  • Fire pit made out of steel
  • Can burn any solid fuel such as wood,charcoal and coal
  • Heavy, multiple people required to lift
  • Handles allow easy transportation across short distances
  • Easy to assemble
  • Colour is black
More product details:
Product code: DAKOTA-100
Size (specify):100cm Dia x 40cm Height
Accessories supplied with the product:None
Packaging information:Brown box with color label

Country of origin: India
Code: DAKOTA-100
Bar Code: 5031599046709
Product Size: 100cm length. 100cm width. 40cm height.
Material: Steel
Packaging Information: Brown box with color label
Packing Size: 102cm length. 102cm width. 23cm height.
Country of origin: India