Six Heat logs

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100% clean wood sawdust, no additives or chemicals, suitable for all wood fires inside or out

  • Manufactured according to DIN-14961-3 standard
  • Super-dry, ready for use, lights easilly and burns a long time
  • High burning efficiency: approx 5kW per kg
  • Longer burn time than wood for same weight
  • Very clean- less than 1% ash
  • Easy and clean to store in shrink-wrap packs
  • Each log is 19.5 cm long x 6.5 cm square, octagonal profile
  • Winter fuel
  • Summer fuel
  • Burning wood is carbon neutral

Bar Code: 5031599046204
Size: 6.5cm high x 39cm x 16.5cm
Material: Wood sawdust
Packaging Information: Shrink-wrap
Packing Size: 39cm length. 16.5cm width. 6.5cm height.
Country of origin: Holland

No assembly required