Popcorn Pan with long handle

Large capacity pop corn making pan, for use on chimeneas, fire pits, BBQs or open fires. Simply place the corn into the pan, with some oil or butter, cover with the lid. Stir the pan over the fire for a couple of minutes. The corn will start to pop, gradually filling the pan. Great fun for families and friends.

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Wash before use. Wash after use. Will deteriorate if left outside.

  • Large capacity popcorn making pan; ideal for parties, families and friends
  • Exciting and visual experience- children will love it and adults alike
  • Simple to use, no cooking experience necessary. Long handle, so safe to use with open fires
  • Can be used with any pop corn available in shops
  • The lid will keep the popping corn inside the pan
  • To use, put some oil or butter into the bottom of the pan, pour some corn into the pan and hold over the fire while stirring from time to time
  • After a couple of minutes, the corn will start to pop gradually filling the pan
  • If you make popcorn without the lid, the popcorn will escape the pan!
  • For outdoor use only
  • Colour is black and silver

Bar Code: 5031599045733
Product Size: 67cm length. 26cm width. 18.5cm height.
Material: Steel
Packaging Information: Colour box
Packing Size: 36cm length. 31cm width. 14cm height.
Country of origin: China

Lay out and identify all the components
2. Assemble the Wooden Handle (C) onto Bottom Pan (B) by inserting the Wooden Handle into the Steel tube on Bottom Pan and Fixing with Bolt (D).
3. Put the Mesh Lid Top (A) on top of the Bottom Pan (B).
4. The assembly is now complete.
1. Présentez et identifiez tous les compos ants
2. Assemblez la poignée en bois (c) au plat (B) en insérant la poignée en bois dans le tube en acier puis fixez avec le boulon (D).
3. Posez le couvercle grillagé (A) sur le plat (B).
4. L’assemblage est fini.