New outdoor & pizza oven

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The inside of the oven is entirely clad with non-rust stainless steel, including the inside of the door. A temperature gauge allows you to check the inside temperature of the oven, while a tempered glass window is a great feature to check the food without the need to open the door or loss of heat. The FORNO has wheels for easy movement around the garden. Be careful while in use. Only handle with fire gloves. The outside of the oven becomes very hot and will burn fingers if touched.

  • The new FORNO is a high performance wood fuelled outdoor oven for cooking pizza, baking and anything that would be cooked in an oven at home.
  • To use, simply light a fire in the firebox. Use dry wood.
  • . The advantage of the FORNO compared with a kitchen oven is that the oven temperature can be increased to almost 400 degrees Celsius, therefore allowing faster cooking of pizzas and similar dishes, thus retaining more moisture and taste.
  • The FORNO has been designed so the fire is separated from the food cooking area, with a chimney at the back, channelling the smoke out. There is no smoke contamination in the oven, to keep your food healthy.
  • Complete with tempered glass window and temperature gage
More product details:
Product code: FORNO Bar code: 5031599044910
Size (specify): 54cm (W) x 48cm (D) x 150cm (H)
Materials: Steel with stainless steel lining
Packaging information: Brown box

Country of origin: China
Bar Code: 5031599044910
Size: 54cm (W) x 48cm (D) x 150cm (H)
Material: Steel with stainless steel lining
Packaging Information: Brown box
Packing Size: 57.5cm length. 51cm width. 33cm height.
Country of origin: China

Any food cooked in an oven in the kitchen can be cooked in the FORNO, including pizzas, but also roasts, stews, casseroles, etc... It can be used to bake cakes or pies or other succulent dishes, or to warm up food. We recommend the oven is covered or brought inside when not in use, and cleaned thoroughly after use.