Fire Log

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Product code: FIRELOG1.1
Bar code : 5031599031637
Size (specify): 1.1kg

Materials: wood articles, wax
Bar Code: 5031599031637
Size: Size:247cm(L) x 75cm(W) x 75cm(H)
Material: wood articles, wax
Packaging Information: Waxed paper
Packing Size: 400cm length. 300cm width. 160cm height.

Instructions for use: do not take the log out of its wrapper; simply place log in chimenea, fireplace or wood burning stove and light both ends of the wrapping paper at the same time. The fire will burn through the paper first and then light the log itself. For safe use it is recommended to only burn one log at a time. Do not break up the log into pieces. Once alight, do not touch. Do not extinguish. If need to extinguish use sand, not water.

Warning: Never use for barbecues; smoke from the log contaminates the food; do not place on already burning existing fire; if used in wood burning stove, leave doors open; do not leave fire unattended; keep away from children and animals

Storage: keep in a cool dry place, away from heat or fires

Environmentally friendly: log made of re-cycled wood particles bound by wax. Smokeless fuel: can be used in smokeless zones

No assembly required