Isla Large cast iron fire bowl with log store

The Isla is a great for adding to a relaxed atmosphere, the log storage underneath the bowl is not only convenient, but it also helps to create that fire-side feel. The fire pit itself is made of cast iron, so durable and able to burn any fuel.

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It is important you observe the instructions and maintenance recommendations. Metal fire bowls will rust. How much they rust is dependant on whether they are left outside in all weathers, how much they are used, how they are looked after. All can be re-painted. Rust does not affect use or functionality. Metal fire bowl surfaces can become very hot in use and will burn the skin if touched. Burning temperatures can be very high. We recommend the use of fire-resistant gloves at all times. Keep away from children and animals. For outdoor use only.

  • Attractive fire pit with log-storage, create that 'fire-side' feel
  • Compact log-storage compartment underneath the fire pit- easy to reach fuel to top up the fire
  • Cast iron fire bowl, strong and durable
  • Can burn any fuel including wood, charcoal and coal
  • Compact size to fit any garden
  • Central piece, ideal for any garden
  • Colour: Black
More product details:
Product code: ISLA
Bar code:5031599045917
Size: 56cm diameter x 47.5cm high
Accessories supplied with the product: steel charcoal grill and Tong
Materials: cast iron and Steel
Packaging information: brown carton with colour label
Country of Origin: China
Code: ISLA
Bar Code: 5031599045917
Product Size: 56cm length. 56cm width. 47.5cm height.
Material: Castiron and Steel
Packaging Information: brown carton with colour label
Packing Size: 60cm length. 60cm width. 20cm height.
Country of origin: China